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Horses often become available quite suddenly. Please contact us if you think you’d like to give a horse who needs your help a second chance.

Please note that this page is not often updated. For the latest news please check our blog (frequently). You can check out videos of other horses wating for adoption on our YouTube Channel. Last but not least! Don’t miss our success stories page to see horses that we’ve helped!

Latest news: Lacey now has a perfect home on Cape Cod! Trail rides on bogs and sandy trails…

September 2012: We are currently working to find a home for Lacey.

September 2012: Rain has made an amazing recovery and now has a new home! See this page for the scoop.

December 2011: We are currently working to find a home for Rain who came to Amazing Grace this fall.

We are now working with owners to help them place their horses with a custom video. See this page for more information.