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Placing a Horse?

Free Custom Videos to Help Placement!

If you need to find a new home for your horse and you want to make sure that he doesn’t end up in a bad place, we can help you find him a new home with a custom video complete with music.

If you live near Middleboro, MA we will drive to your stable, film your horse, edit the film, add beautiful music about horses by Mary Ann Kennedy, and within a few weeks the right home is often found. We do not charge a fee but ask that you share the video via every online social network available to you.

If you live farther away we can still generate a beautiful video using photos of your horse. The photos should be expressive and allow the viewer insights into what makes your horse a unique individual.

You must be accurate, detailed, and specific about your horse’s information (for best placement match). Your contact info is integrated in the video so you will be acting as the horse’s agent to assure him or her safe future.

Because we seldom assume possession of horses this method allows us to help more folks who find themselves in this difficult position. We commend you on caring enough to find the compassionate and ethical solution to a tough issue.