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Tenth Annual Benefit Trail Ride


OK.... we are in the middle of a ONCE IN A LIFETIME situation here. We are all doing the best we can while trying to remain as safe as we can....some of us are more vulnerable than others, but no matter how we're coping or working through this unique time in history we still need to keep our SPIRITS UP and SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER  <3  <3  <3 and so we will  :)  <3

So we WILL be having the Amazing Grace Equine TRAIL RIDE.

but it will be different that any other trail ride we've ever had and the format will (hopefully) never be repeated.

Here's how it goes;

The trail ride will be about 12 miles ( as usual).

but everything else is different. You will be riding about 3 to 4 hours.... on your own horse...and you can take as many days as you like ( for instance, I ride about 1 hour each day- so it will take me 3 or 4 days to "complete" the trail ride  ;)

also you DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A HORSE to do the trail ride this year... you can do it by walking, bicycling, canoeing, whatever you like.... just make sure you do it for 3 to 4 hours  ;)

It doesn't matter where you do it either...if you want to complete the ride in your arena...that's fine too  :D

You will need to fill out NO ENTRY FORMS.

You will NOT need to present any Coggins papers.

You can do it w your friends in MSSF if you like ( or anywhere else).....just remember to maintain safe social distancing rules- and come in separate trailers.

The trail ride will take place THE ENTIRE MONTH of MAY you have plenty of time to get your 4 hours in  ;)

The entry is $10. or $25.... you decide....paypal it to or mail it to Amazing Grace Equine , P O Box 465 Middleboro, MA 02346

Here's how you "participate" as the community ( that we love and appreciate so much )

You must post several pictures.... one "through the ears" or the vantage point of whatever your method of impulsion may be  ;) while giving the Shaka sign ( this sign traditionally signals good will, community, and well wishes)...the other is of the cookout lunch that we can only share virtually this post a photo of your hamburger, hot dog, potato salad, chips ( or maybe this year because it's a Do-it-yourself situation...just maybe you have buffalo wings  :) I don't know...but you need to share that photo too  :D

Finally we WILL be GIVING OUT PRIZES ( as we always do)

This year EVERY ENTRY will get a protective face MASK  :)  <3 that Beth (Liz Hague) will make  <3 so that's pretty great of her to do that  :D

But of course we still have a GRAND PRIZE ( as we do every year) and this year it's a really super (and timely) is a PACKAGE of TOILET PAPER.( the winner will be chosen at random since we can't hide it in the forest this year  ;) )

So I hope that everyone will join us for this year's Trail Ride now re-themed.

We call it the "Covid 19 Social Distancing Trail Ride to benefit Amazing Grace Equine"

we can save our "Cowboys and Indigenous Persons with Arrows" theme for next year

...and I can't wait to see who will join us this year  <3  <3