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Second Annual Benefit Trail Ride

Myles Standish State Forest

Amazing Grace Equine is at it again! We had SO MUCH FUN last year with our trail ride “safari” that Charlie had to think long and hard to top the theme this year…but she did!!! Please join us on Sunday, May 20 as we ride from Myles Standish State forest equestrian parking lot in “search of the HOLY GRAIL…Monty Python style.” The significant difference being that you actually CAN ride your horses on this 12 mile trail ride instead of just banging two coconuts together to make the sound of hoof beats.

We will be searching through marked trails for “attack rabbits,” vestal virgins, shrubbery, European swallows, coconuts, dragons, HOLY GRAILS (but not grail shaped beacons atop castles), and more. Whatever you discover while on your quest for the Holy Grail will be redeemed upon your return for a wonderful (and much more useful) prize. This ride will be supported  by WZLX Boston Radio who will provide wonderful concert tickets once again! Also you will have the opportunity to acquire a painting by JESSE (the painting horse) who sold a dozen paintings at his last exhibition in support of Amazing Grace Equine!

Last year we had 52 riders who can all attest to the fun they had on this marvelous ride. Come join us this year and have fun while supporting local horses who need your help.

See you there!