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Jesse Wowed Them!

On Saturday February 4 Jesse the artist/Jesse the horse made a lot of new friends. Although it is a bit unusual to have a horse create paintings, Jesse loves to do so, but even more than the creative process is Jesse’s love of human interaction. On Saturday at Craving’s Cafe on Rt 3A in Kingston all of his wishes were fulfilled. Jesse has spent time this winter creating colorful canvases which were on display this month at the charming cafe. Admirers of his work made sure that they stopped by to pick up the painting of their choice while Jesse interacted with folks outside. Whenever a canvas was purchased, folks enjoyed holding their new acquisitions next to Jesse while their picture was taken. They enjoyed his choice of colors but moreover, felt good about the cause which the sale of each painting supported. Jesse who has had a safe and comfortable home his entire life, is happy to generate funds to horses in a less fortunate position than he.

A half mile from where he lives, the foster base of Amazing Grace Equine is situated and horses who reside there are looking for people who will love and care for them and support them when they have issues requiring extended supportive care. These horses are homeless temporarily, but with the proceeds from fund raising events such as the sale of Jesse’s paintings can avoid being shipped across international borders to slaughterhouses. Currently at the foster base a horse named “Rain” resides. He is a gentle sweet soul, and a youngster as well. He had an illness in the fall which disrupted his system to the degree that he is no longer interested in eating very much food. He has had extensive veterinary testing and much supportive care. Some time in the future he is expected to regain his appetite, his weight, his strength and his ability to become a wonderful horse for someone to spend many hours riding. Until that time he depends upon funds generated by fundraisers such as the art sale.

We hope you will stop by Cravings Cafe Rt 3A in Kingston, MA and have a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner while enjoying Jesse’s artwork and perhaps even purchasing one for yourself. Jesse will be making one more personal appearance at Cravings Cafe on Sunday February 25 at 2pm. We hope to see you there! Don’t forget your camera!