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Discover a New Local Talent

Jesse the horse Paints!

You can meet Jesse at Cravings CAFE on Saturday, February 4 at 2PM.

Jesse is an American Quarter Horse. He is 22 years old and stands about 15.1 hands high. Jesse began his artistic endeavors a few years ago when an injury prohibited him from working for over a year. Jesse has held a job for over a decade working for Ponies for Parties giving pony rides to children of all ages at birthday parties, company outings and sales events. Jesse really, really loves his job giving pony rides. The factor that he enjoys most about his pony ride job is interacting with people and listening to people tell him how good he is or how handsome he is. His grandfather was a world champion performance horse, but Jesse thinks that doing that would be way too much practice and effort.) Jesse prefers posing for pictures.

When Jesse injured his leg (not by straining it in an athletic endeavor, you can be sure), he was unable to go out and visit his public. He has always been a big help around the stable offering to monitor any veterinarian’s efforts, a visiting carpenter, or just with daily chores. His owner Derel Lee Twombly took pity on the horse left without a creative and interactive outlet and knew that he could pick up new skills easily, as he is a very smart horse. He was taught to hold a paintbrush and then to dab it onto paper and then canvas. He was rewarded with verbal accolades as well as delicious treats. He often picks his own color pallette to work with and stops when the painting is done according to his own aesthetics. Watch him paint.

Jesse’s paintings are on display at Cravings Cafe on Rt 3A in Kingston, MA for the month of February. Cravings Cafe is a locally owned sandwich shop which features generously sized gourmet sandwiches, coffees, baked deserts, Italian pizza, paninis, soups and gourmet cupcakes (amongst other temptations) at affordable prices. In addition to its delicious fare the cafe is noted for its ongoing support of local artists. Every month a different talented artist is featured on the walls of the bistro. Patrons may sit in sunny comfort enjoying their meals while surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing environment. This month Cravings Cafe is exhibiting the unusual talent of Jesse the horse. All of the paintings on display are available for purchase. Each painting is offered for $100. or best offer, and a portion of each sale is donated to Amazing Grace Equine which is a local horse rescue of which Jesse is a regular supporter and contributor.