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Trail Ride Recap

May 22, 2011 was the “safari” trail ride to benefit Amazing Grace Equine at Miles Standish State Forest. Organizer Charlie Williams did a spectacular job marking the trails and not one of the fifty two riders went off course! The turnout was wonderful and the weather was great!

The participants were delighted and amazed at the support given by ChaChi of radio station WZLX as he donated tickets to Cheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, Jason Ladean, Poison, Motley Crew, 311 and more to be raffled off as additional support for our cause. John Lowe “the chicken painter” from Boston generously donated five original paintings to be raffled off as well. The winners of all raffles were very happy to hear their names called at the lunch break at the end of the ride.

Each person who found a “wild animal” in the woods received a horse related (and useful) prize from our friends at SmartPak. Although Charlie never recalls “signing on” for next year’s trail ride, she apparently will be doing the same good job because she is coming up with new and more interesting themes for all to enjoy in 2012! (Although I’m sworn to secrecy, I can tell you this: her ideas sound like so much fun she has the entire Amazing Grace Equine board of directors laughing out loud as they consider more new ideas! ☺

Follow this link for a video recap of highlights as we departed and returned.