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Rain is a sweet young Quarter Horse who came to Amazing Grace Equine this fall. He had been leased to a lesson program but suddenly fell ill. Extensive veterinary testing showed inconclusive results. He stopped eating and was sustained on 4 bags of IV fluids for days. When he began to eat once again the lesson program sent him back to the large farm that he came from so that a usable horse might fill his stall in the program. The students who had come to love and care for Rain were very concerned. They knew that at the large farm that he had been returned to he would be put out in a pasture full of other horses and not receive individual care which they though would be an essential part of his recovery. The students called Amazing Grace Equine and shared Rain’s story and their concern. They picked Rain up in their own trailer, bought plenty of grain and hay for him, and delivered him to our foster base in Middleboro, MA where he could receive individual attention.

Rain needs your help

Rain has been trying very hard to get well. He has received a beautiful warm waterproof “Rambo” all weather blanket from one friend, and gets pounds of carrots twice a week from another. His appetite is still not what it needs to be. The veterinarian’s “best guess” is that he ingested some blister beetles (which can be fatal) and his system is having a very hard time rebounding. Most every day Rain’s progress is updated on Facebook and many people write sentiments of concern and of happiness (when he eats more on a particular day, or shows extra energy on another). His struggle is ongoing and we are trying our hardest to help his system get back to normal. He is still so thin (because of his lack of normal appetite) but he continues to eat hay and nibble grain while we continue to support this darling horse in every way we can think of. In this season of giving please know that your donations will go directly to the support of Rain and that your thoughts and prayers are all appreciated.

Horses often become available quite suddenly. Please contact us if you think you’d like to give a horse who needs your help a second chance.

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