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Lacey is a beautiful Arabian Mare who was kept in southeast Massachusetts with two other horses and some other animals. All of the animals on the property were of a fine weight…except Lacey. A gentleman who’s work made him pass by Lacey’s turnout every day for months kept an eye on her as she became thinner and thinner. The owner was contacted by this kind gentleman and asked if she would like to receive help from Amazing Grace Equine so that beautiful Lacey might resume better health and gain weight. The owner sadly agreed to part with Lacey and surrendered her to our rescue.

Lacey - Headshot Lacey - Full body shot

Lacey found a foster home is Dennis, Massachusetts and was seen by our wonderful veterinarian Dr. Karin Kaczorowski. Dr Karin was delighted to report that Lacey is in excellent health, had no health issues or parasites. Lacey’s only reason for being emaciated was that her teeth were in very poor condition. Lacey just needed palatable food! Lacey is now eating 5 meals a day of senior grain and hay stretcher pellets with beet pulp which are watered down so that it is all soft enough for her to ingest. Lacey is gaining a bit of weight every week. Her teeth may never be very useful in chewing, but with small modifications, Lacey should look like a show horse by spring! Please donate and help us buy Lacey a bag of grain today!

Horses often become available quite suddenly. Please contact us if you think you’d like to give a horse who needs your help a second chance.

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