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As we pass through this life we are touched by the lives of others. Special individuals who are kind and supportive and who lend us help in our youth or times that we spent learning new ideas, concepts and skills. Sometimes these individuals are teachers and sometimes they are friends…and in certain circumstances, both.

It will not seem strange to those whose hearts and lives have been touched in this way to tell others that these individuals were not always other people. Very often individuals who help us through periods of learning, sadness, or difficulties are animals. I speak here specifically of the horses in our lives. However we came to know them, certain horses are special. They stood quietly while the rest of the world was moving too fast. They seemed to have more patience when we had little for ourselves. They harbored the pathos that people in our world sometimes seem reticent to share. We admire, ride, watch, own, and study these creatures never fully being able to give back all that they have given to us. We owe them much.

It has occurred to me that there are innumerable horses who are much like the ones that I have known and loved. Horses that have given their time, strength, energy, and youth to a riding program, a backyard “showman,” or any number of other supportive situations only to find that at the end of their useful tenure they have no retirement plan. No place to go. Horse after beloved horse… virtually homeless, used up, and without future value for the job they once did so well.

This is what prompted me to found Amazing Grace Equine. I want to make sure that the wonderful horses that I have known never find themselves in a position where they must be sold “by the pound” or shipped to an auction where they will end up traveling across international borders to a foreign slaughterhouse. I also would like horses which I have not yet met to avoid this fate. Allowing a horse to take a trip on a double decker livestock trailer packed full of unknown strangers is the ultimate betrayal. This must be prevented! And now you can help.

Please donate to Amazing Grace Equine! We will help the horses whose owners have not yet “stepped up to the plate.” We will find homes; we will ease suffering; and together we will prevent the slaughter of horses.

Derel Twombly Founder, Amazing Grace Equine